Classic Hill Country Hunting

Expect the Unexpected!

Updated 1/6/2017 - Prices may change without notice.

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  • Aoudad (male or female) - $1,600*
  • Axis buck (in hard horn only) - $1,600*
  • Axis doe- No hunting in 2017***
  • Black Buck - $1600*
  • Black Buck Doe - $100
  • Goats** - $50/$1,000
  • Corsican or Barbado Ewe - $50
  • Hog - $50
  • Corsican or Barbado Ram - $1,000*
  • Sika buck - $1,600*
  • Sika doe - No hunting in 2017***
  • Rio Grande Gobbler - $250
  • Rio Grande Hen - $50
  • Whitetail buck - $1,600*
  • Whitetail doe - $150

* We do not have any cull or management designations.  This fee will be applied to any antlered or horned animal taken. A $400 fee will be charged for young males whose antlers/horns are not  protruding the skin or are barely evident; in deer this is often referred to as "button bucks."  An extra $800 fee will be charged for Axis bucks taken while in velvet ($1600+800=$2400).

** Goats are Catalina and feral brush goats. Both male and female goats have horns. To support goat meat hunts, we set fees for goats at "short horns" (horns 10" or less) or "big horns" (horns more than 15") to distinguish between meat and trophy animals.

*** For herd management, GBL Ranch does not allow harvest at this time.


Answers to FAQs
-We host only 1 group at a time.
-We assist new hunters, if requested.
-You bring food, drinks, hunting license, guns, and gear.

-You also bring coolers and ice for game.
-We share our kitchen, grill, smoker, and walk-in cooler.
-We usually eat family-style with our guests.
-Bow hunting is limited to morning hunts.
-Most hunting is in box-style stands.
-You may bring a pop-up blind.
-Hunters may only harvest the animals listed above.
-No varmint hunting; if killed, they remain ranch property. 
-No ATVs or animals may be brought in.
-We have a range that may be used to check your rifle, but each hunter should sight-in the guns they plan to use before arrival at the ranch. 
-Shooting is not allowed around the house.
-There are 2 guest rooms, each has a private bath with linens, towels, and soap.
-The outside fire pit is subject to county burn bans.

Whitetail Hunt - each hunter will pay $500.  
Each hunter may harvest up to one whitetail doe and two hogs at no additional charge. 

Spring Turkey Hunt - each hunter will pay $500.  
Each hunter may harvest up to one gobbler and 2 hogs at no additional charge.

Exotic Hunt - each hunter will pay $400.  
Each hunter may harvest up to two hogs at no additional charge. 

Note:Not available during whitetail general season.

Applies to All Hunts
-All hunts include 2 nights lodging. Check-in is after Noon and check-out is before Noon.

-A hunt may be extended for 1 or 2 nights for up to a total of 4 nights lodging. The extra time is $150/hunter/day or $75/hunter/half day.  These fees include lodging. 

-Additional game may be taken for a fee. See the "Add-ons" list for game that may be hunted and the fees that apply; State restrictions and licensing requirements apply.
-All game is "hunter's choice." Game fees are not based on animal size or B&C score.  

-Hunters may bring non-hunting guests; the fee is $100/day/non-hunting guest and $50/half-day/non-hunting guest. These fees include lodging. 
-Maximum of 6 in your group; we reserve the right to increase the package fee if there will be only one person.
-We have a policy of one guest 17 or under per group, but will consider exceptions.

Please Note:  Seasons are established annually for each county by the Texas Parks & Wildlife. GBL Ranch is in Edwards County. See Texas Parks and Wildlife for more information. 


  • A deposit is due within 10 days of selecting a date for your hunt. This deposit will be applied to the total due, but is non-refundable in the event of a no-show.  

  • Wounded animals, even if not retrieved, count as taken.

  • Payment for additional game taken must be received before leaving the ranch.

  • Guest-style lodging is provided at the ranch house.

  • ATVs and animals are not allowed.

  • A cleaning area and game cooler is available. We can help field dress game, but processing is your responsibility.

  • Consumption, in moderation, of alcoholic beverages only in house area and after the last hunt.

  • GBL is a remote Texas Hill Country ranch with limited access in wet weather.  In addition to hazards associated with hunting, the area has inherent dangers from the terrain, plants, and animals.  The nearest hospital is at least an hour away.  All guests need to accept these risks.


Free-range.  Wildlife management.  Reasonable cost.

Package prices include semi-guided hunting, lodging, transportation on the ranch, and some game.